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I know that I haven’t been all that forthcoming up ‘til now but just so you know this Sal Palandolpho was a really, really, really bad guy.So let me give you the cliff notes; Sal was running guns around the world.

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Gemma is young and extremely attractive we want this guy Adam Mc Cormick to feel like we know he’s involved in something but we can’t pin anything on him.

Also the fact that our witness who survived that night ~ she is still listed as a Jane Doe that died later in the hospital ~ we still need to protect her.” Captain Stiller stood and rubbed his chin and thought for several moments and said, “Sounds good we’ll play it your way because of your first hand knowledge.

More than likely this guy Mc Cormick is just running this club and selling Sal’s dope inside the club.

He might even be letting in girls into his club that are not even 21 and then end up kidnapping them too. We don’t want to raise too much suspicion and spook this guy into hiding.

I can tell you right now if they were partners then Sal was his supplier.