Updating blackberry pearl firmware

updating blackberry pearl firmware-17

He also provides some good insight into the news surrounding service animals and the airline industry. J., Joe, Shelly and Chancey as they roll through some of the bigger news that shook the Low Vision and Blindness technology field in the year that was 2017.

Then, Patrick talks about a new recorder that Joe will probably end up buying before CSUN. for sure that his absence from the show this week did not result in a gab fest about videogames or Microsoft. Happy New Year and welcome to the first show of 2018.

We also have a tip, some quick thoughts in "Sound Off" and our first "Last Word of the year.

This one is a little longer than usual because there was just so much to talk about.

That doesn't seem to be the case again with 2017 rolling right along with timely news and events still arriving like they were UPS holiday packages on the BBQ doorstep. takes some time out to play a game on Echo, Joe has one rejected idea in the "Last Word" and Patrick lets his guard down in a most interesting way. Joe is cruising far away from civilization, so Shelly Brisbin stopped by to hold down the fort. Emails, a tip, and One More Thing round out this lively episode, so strap on in.