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“There's something about autumn and winter that makes me want someone with whom to snuggle on the sofa, go ice skating and hold hands on crisp walks.

“It's great having a boyfriend through the cold months, but by the time spring rolls round I'm nearly always fed up of them, so break things off.

Yes, it’s winter, and yes it’s unbearably cold, but girls love “activities.” Here are 10 non-couch-potato ideas to keep your dating life afloat this winter.

It’s a spirit that guarantees both you and your partner will stay toasty during cold winter months.

“As summer fades, I start thinking it would be nice to have a partner to stay in, order a takeaway and watch a film with. Confused as to whether you're an SDD sufferer, a "cuffer", a "drafter", or all of the above?

As outlined by Mason, here are four unofficial symptoms for this unofficial, but no less common, condition. You can’t bear the thought of being alone over Christmas/New Years and put all efforts in the autumn to find a partner. By Valentine's Day (or anywhere from three months of dating) you start to feel bored or trapped within the relationship and start finding excuses to spend less time with your partner. The idea of being single fills you with relief after some time and you break up or act in ways to make your partner break-up with you.

She featured in the 2012 series of Dancing On Ice, but was voted off ahead of the semi-finals.