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In other words, instead of studying real, important things like psychology, sociology or philosophy, they decide to go to some place to study how to teach others how to live life.

This is why others like to say life coaches are nothing but psychologists wannabes with no real qualifications. To add to these fake qualifications, they’d be writing and making more crap videos to show their expertise, and what better way to show that than to simply bank on cliches and mask the lack of good content by showing how they travel the world, have quit their job or simply love life to the fullest with no real reason whatsoever.

Can you feel the positive energy going back to the core of your spiritual being?

Also, when I was 12, a lot of friends in school said I was so motivating. Some friends said I was like the white Oprah in the making.

This is what I think of the “life coaches” out there.