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We even decided to share a hotel room, which may seem weird, but we were a pretty close family and sharing a room with two queen sized beds wasn't really a big deal.

We'd done the same a couple years ago when we took our east coast road trip.

Plus, I really enjoyed spending time with my parents who were still quite young...

and truthfully wilder than I was (they still had parties at their house and did the weed I didn't). my Mom very animated, vulgar and loud in the throes of passion. She was actually a stay at home mom, unheard of these days, as Dad made excessively good money and thus she did things like chair the PTA and organize the graduation ceremony.

My authority comes from on High." When the Protégé claims to the Living Tribunal and other cosmic entities that he is the most powerful being that ever was, and that he will surpass them all and move up, the Tribunal counters, "Impossible! " Later, after the Protégé declares himself the One-Above-All in an attempt to seize ultimate power, the Tribunal absorbs the Protégé into itself, proclaiming, "Your actions and intentions are inexcusable! When a bartender asks the demon Mephisto whether the Living Tribunal, having created the Infinite Embassy, was actually "God", Mephisto responds, "No, he's not God. And if he knows the Principal, he's not exactly chatty about it." Thanos and an alternative version of Adam Warlock gained a brief audience with the entity after their reality had been destroyed.