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Writer Nate Wilson is following the failed efforts to re-negotiate terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Too few California dairy farmers sent in their ballots on a referendum that proposes shifting the states historic milk quota program into the proposed federal milk order.

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And DFA/DMS are having problems meeting the raw milk needs of major cheese plants in northern New York. Cash-hungry DFA is even turning on the mega-dairies in New York State.

In early January, Michigan Milk Producers Assn replaced Maryland & Virginia Cooperative Milk Producers as the supplier of condensed milk at General Mills massive Yoplait yogurt plant at Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Wisconsin dairy farmers are not used to having their milk income siphoned away.

Canada is not putting up with trash talk from the U. He is recommending raw milk up to three gallons per acre be used as a soil enhancer. John Bobbe, executive director of OFARM, cynically describes a recent organic foods scandal at USDA that involves pineapples fraudulently sold as organic.

His point is that USDAs National Organics Program is failing to police the integrity of organic foods for a variety of foods.

A shady Chinese investor who purchased a famous Italian soccer club A. Block Cheddar, nonfat dry milk, and Grade A butter are all down at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Pete Hardin stresss that the nations best, long-term interests are served by creating policies that recognize the special role that agriculture and food provide.