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Technically yes, as the tap water is desalinated seawater.People have reported feeling ill from it before however – supposedly because of the hygiene (or lack thereof) of the tank – so filtered water is a safer option. All passengers travelling with Intrepid are required to purchase travel insurance before the start of your trip.Hop atop a camel for a lope along desert dunes…or charter a chopper. Year-round, daytime temperatures rarely drop below 25. November to March are the cooler – though by no means cool – months, when tempering sea breezes drift in from the coast.

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Public toilets in places frequented by Westerners are generally of the Western-style, sit-down variety.

Beyond the cities, squat-style toilets are more common (although these are gradually making way for the Western type).

Tour an old spice market…or withdraw gold bars at vending machines. Very few countries have had as dramatic turnabouts in their fortunes as the UAE.

Prior to the discovery of the region’s vast petroleum and gas reserves in 1958, the southeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula was a conglomeration of ‘Trucial States’ heavily dependent on a fated pearling industry and British protection against neighbouring powerhouses.

To many travellers, the United Arab Emirates mean just one thing: a stopover.