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I am a Kurd and I will always support Israel because I see how the Israelis are trying to protect itself from terror, just as we Kurds are trying to make it against the radical Muslim organistioner and Arab nationalists who accept no other population besides Arabs and Muslims, and sometimes not neither.

Dear sir/Madame, I have just returned from a visiting Israel.

I will always keep Israel and Israeli Soldiers in my thoughts and prayers. I supported his ideas and was deeply influenced and moved by his compassion for humanity and friendship.

One of my Best Friends left USA to go to Tel Aviv (spelling? He inspired me with his constant thirst for knowledge, and he taught me a Lot. It gave me hope also, but i then began to realize how much i missed him and starting crying; i was also crying out of pure joy.

I apologize that my retarded government keeps on condemning Israel almost every month I am sick of it but can do nothing.