White man guide dating black women

2) What are your thoughts on dating outside of your race? 4) If you have dated interracially, have your experiences been extremely different?

If yes, what are the differences and why do you feel those same qualities were difficult to find in men/women who resembled you?

(For the record, y’all both assume the other is freakier / naughtier in bed.

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The concept of a black man in a relationship with a white woman is a "thing" that people have an opinion on...

Although I am a black woman in an interracial relationship, I only gave Baker's piece a cursory glance at first. "A lot of people aren't bothered by interracial relationships, but, on the flip side, many people still are.

Assigning an attribute such as good or bad to a whole race of people simply because you had a bad experience with a few of them is, frankly, dumb.

I say a few, because if you’ve had a bad experience with choices? Therefore, I doubt dating another race will suddenly remedy your poor decision making.

If you see me with a Spanish woman, it’s because I like her.