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Yet when she met Noel - a single man with no children - her restraint went swiftly out the window. "And yes, one thing led to another."Noel admits that he too got in deeper than he had intended. "She was married and I was not going to be the kind of person who breaks up a marriage and a family.

At the same time, I had strong feelings for Shanea."Unwilling to carry on the deception - but also unwilling to give up her new lover - Shanea came up with an audacious plan.

In a way, the meeting wasn't about Shanea - it was him and me. Anyone who makes Shanea happy can't be all that bad in my book."Few men would display such tolerance. Whatever, he gave the illicit relationship his seal of approval, and things continued much as before, except that now when Shanea went off to meet her lover, he knew all about it.

And so it might have continued, had the inevitable not happened.

She would explain all to John, and let him decide how to continue.

"I think it had reached the stage where John knew already. "When he asked if I'd told Noel that I loved him, I said, 'Yes'.

"When I actually met Noel it was weird," he recalls.

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    Just wanted to let you know Mr Perfect has been perfect. Great with all the water crossings, steep trails, downed trees and rough terrain. I can't begin to tell how blessed I have been to be able to ride some of your amazing horses, such as Gunner and Trigger, in the Lost Dutchhman Days rodeo and the Roots N Boots Rodeo. They sure loved all the attention from the little girls and boys as well!

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    😩😱 I would get the present but I wouldn't give it to him at Christmas I would tell him his behaviour needs to change and until he stops hitting and giving cheek he will not have what he wants.

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    I would have said that is an unusual style for director Anton Corbjin, who made many video-clips of Metallica, U2 and Depeche Mode..he had not already shown his firm hand and measured vision in the excellent film Control.

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    Later on when they were shut down by a decision of higher management at Yahoo Inc.