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An Aesop delivered in shows based around this trope is that what ultimately determines the worth of a human's life is not some sadistic deity or vague cosmic assembly, but the choices of the human himself. When someone is pushed dangerously close to the Despair Event Horizon, they may prefer this trope's opposite: Resigned to the Call. Brown, I brought this note back from the future and now it's erased.

Winds of Destiny, Change and Immune to Fate are about having the ability to screw destiny as a superpower; the former is changing the odds to favor you instead while the latter is just being flat out immune to fate. Not to be confused with someone who is fed up with Simon: Don't underestimate us!

We don't care about time or space or multi-dimensional-whatevers! Force your way down a path you choose to take and do it all yourself!

If one particular character has this ability while everyone else is helpless against it, then they would be Immune to Fate.

If they get ahold of the Tomes of Prophecy and Fate, they might rewrite their fate.

The Colts interest in Manning keeps GM Ryan Grigson's status up in the air.