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See more » The publicity from The American suggests it is an action and adventure film, when it is in fact a melancholic and deep drama.

I liked The American very much, but I perfectly understand why its slow rhythm and calm narrative would make it inaccessible to those people who expect to see shootouts and explosions.

In about six months, Amal Alamuddin has gone from “unidentified woman in red dress on date with George Clooney” to “George Clooney’s fiancée.” This is like the Climbing Everest of dating—and she did it in less time than it takes most people to get around to listening to a voice mail.

Yes, after first being spotted with Clooney in October, and following dates at the White House, and vacations to Tanzania, Alamuddin is reportedly engaged to Clooney.

And that is not a problem from the film or from the people, but from the distributors, who did not know how to sell this movie.

The American is developed parsimoniously, dividing its time in the methodic way in which the main character constructs a rifle; the flourishing romance among two people who are hungry of affection; and the occasional moments of suspense.

In July 2013, Amal was near George’s home in Lake Como, Italy, before making her way to Cannes with a friend.