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The rapper's character said: 'Can you tell him to cool it down in our neighborhood? He broke my best friend's jaw in two places and all he did was steal a TV. Now things are looking bad.'He also featured as a sports correspondent forced to report on ice hockey instead of basketball and an ex-hip hop star being interviewed on a documentary.

That's excessive.'Then he zip lined him to the top of a building and left him hanging there for 30 minutes.'Playing to his strengths, Chance starred in another musical skit featuring a spoof R&B band called De-Von-Tre with a single dedicated to Barack Obama called 'Come Back'. Things later turned somewhat steamy when Chance stripped down to his boxer shorts while playing an over-excited high school student whose father was making a speech at careers day.

With the SNL regulars providing backing vocals, Chance performed a song about the US holiday, dedicated to 'outcasts and weirdos in the family'.

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After dancing around the topic, Kenan Thompson as Steve and Chance playing Cecil had a collective realization when they both dropped Harvey's catch phrase 'That's kinda freaky!