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" If they recognized that fact, all they had to do was to raise the sign which then lit up and yell out "THAT'S MY WIFE/MAN!

" If correct, they win 10 points for their team, but if wrong they lose 10 points for the team.

First the husbands tapes were shown & the wives took a guess, then it went the opposite direction.

Host Kroeger asked the couples a multiple-choice question in which one half of the couples had given answers in advance, and the other must guess what they chose. First the wives predicted what their husbands said, then the process was reversed.

Only the first person to raise the sign can win or lose. In this final round of the game, host Kroeger read a series of two choices (ex: Candy or Potato Chips, Rocket Scientist or Space Cadet, Ketchup or Mustard, etc.) and the wives held cards with one of the choices on it.

Then the husbands chose one of the two things that most applies to them.

In each round, one member of each couple (all of the same sex) was isolated while the other members were asked questions about themselves, their hobbies, likes, dislikes, what they do, what they don't do, and maybe reveal a dirty little secret at times.