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For me, I was fascinated by the comparative mystery that surrounded my maternal ancestors, despite living around 20 miles from where they were born, lived and died.

I can also tell you that my wife’s own family tree featured a mystery – just where did her great-great-grandfather come from, and was this farmer really related to a family of well-known journalists?

However, the Internet and specialist software can give you a considerable advantage, helping you to find new facts, dates and material from the comfort of your desktop PC, laptop or tablet.

Various software applications and websites can play their part in helping you research, collate and organize your family tree, enabling you to build up a picture of who your ancestors were, how and where they lived, what they did for a living, and so on.

Libraries, newspaper offices, graveyards, public record offices, schools, churches, military bases and local museums can all be vital resources as you research your family tree.