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You know how many rich white millionaires and billionaires cut their kids off after high school(some college) and tell them to make it on their own.

But we are so convinced that they know what to do with their money and we dont.

Wow grown people hating on children and what a father chooses to do for his children really!!!

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The YMCMB crew headed down to South Beach March 12th weekend for Bryan "Baby/Birdman" Williams' daughter Bria's 13th birthday. Birdman had the entire South Beach area shut down for a night while his daughter and her friends partied the night away at the new club Pink Miami.

Baby put his millions to use and had Celebrity Chef Ashley of The Elegant Experience throw this shindig together in under a week.

I may not agree with his lyrics or the tattoos on his head but I know the Birdman is very business savvy and I have faith that he has set aside money for his kid's future.

We need to stop commenting and judging others when we don't know the half....

Oh--and a 4 ½ ft cake from Divine Delicacies was delivered by 3 men, while silver plated custom cookie necklaces with Bria’s custom logo were served to each guest. [Click the thumbnails] By the way, Pink Miami donated a portion of Bria’s birthday party proceeds to Breast Cancer research.