Serena williams dating coach patrick mouratoglou

But we're speaking on a regular basis with Serena and she definitely wants to come back, she's talking about it all the time.” He attributes Serena’s many wins to her “mental strength.” “She's mentally completely different,” he says.

Under his coaching Serena has gone on to win ten grand slam titles and two Olympic gold medals.

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According to her Instagram, she captioned a picture of Patrick Mouratoglou touching her with "It must be his touch.

#dynamicduo @patrickmouratoglou." Sounds like Serena isn't afraid of exposing her relationship with her coach.

The world number one wrote on her Instagram, "2015 was crazy.

So many highlights and losing my puppy was my one lowlight. #renasarmy love you all." Her tennis fans are sure that her coach Patrick Mouratoglou made her 2015 as "crazy" as it was.

“Not at all, and I'm angry she didn't tell me,” he said.