sex dating in axtell nebraska - My two best friends started dating

Recently my feelings have resurfaced in full force, along with some feelings for the other half of the couple.

I am often hit with waves of sadness and/or jealousy when I see them together, even if we’re all hanging out.

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My two best friends started dating

We technically have an open relationship, but neither of us has acted on it yet, so we talk a lot about how we’re feeling and any worries we have.

I’ve never had this kind of “check-in” before, and it feels great.

His abysmal behavior has really soured my memories of the day.

I have been unable to sit down with my husband and select photos for our album, because I get so angry at my father, but I’m so much angrier at myself.

I also have three fantastic housemates, two of whom are in a couple.