Who is olivia wilde dating right now

The Bojack Horseman voice actress served as an executive producer on the film.

She has been engaged to comedian Jason Sudeikis since 2011, ever since divorcing her first husband, Italian-American filmmaker Tao Ruspoli, whom she married when she was just 19 years old.

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------------------------------------------------ My daughter Olivia is quiet, and shy at first.

You think she isn't listening when she really is, and she has a great memory and sense of direction. She's got light brown hair and bright green eyes, and Olivia seemed like the perfect name right away.

When I was young, I was disappointed at the lack of Olivia stickers or pencils or whatever else that could have had my name on it but didn't. I can say, more than being proud of my name and my late brother's name Alexander, that my name really describes who I am.

Highly intelligent, beautiful, creative, sophisticated, well traveled, and above all peaceful.

It can be so many things - cute, sophisticated, sexy, etc. It's interesting so many new little ones are being named this now. ---- My best friend's name is Olivia and I love it...